Here are five trends to consider for your summer wardrobe:

Detailed hems

You won’t want to crop your jeans with hems like these. This summer, it’s all about the details, right down to the hems on your jeans. Distressed hems are a creative way to add a subtle edginess to a classic look. For a cleaner look, search out a pair of pants with a tulip help or some delicate detailing.

Mainstream Boutique hem details

Detailed or distressed hems bring a creative touch to pants.

Mainstream boutique hemline

Distressed or detailed hems are all the rage now.


Make way maxi-dresses, the jumpsuit is dominating as the long look of the summer. Jumpsuits come chalk full of styling possibilities. The can be dressed up with stylish belts, heels, and delicate jewelry or worn casually with athletic shoes or flats.

This year fashion magazines like InStyle, Vogue and Refinery29 are raving about utility jumpsuits in neutrals and earth tones like white and olive. Utility jumpsuits bring industrial style touches like extra buttons, pockets and stitching into a great one piece package. This style evokes a modern twist on the classic Rosie Riveter look.

Mainstream Boutique jumpsuit

Jumpsuits are dominating summer looks.


You can find bows gracing the some of the most popular shirt styles this summer. Harper’s Bazaar recounted how designers like Balmain, Valentino and Givenchy took bows to new heights this year, adding them to gowns, backpacks and neck accessories during Paris fashion week. But you don’t have to be haute couture to make this trend work for you.

Employees at Mainstream Boutique in Savage said their customers are falling in love with shirts that tie off in knots and bows. And it’s not hard to see why. Bows add a little extra, without much effort, to pieces that would be wardrobe staples.

Mainstream Boutique bows

Mainstream Boutique in Savage is finding customers love the trend of shirts that tie off in knots and bows. 

Mainstream Boutique Bowed Shirt

Clothing with bows are hot right now.

Mainstream Boutique tie off shirt

Shirts that tie off in bows are popular at Mainstream Boutique in Savage.

Slouchy trousers

Skinny jeans are far from gone, but numerous brands and stores are embracing a more relaxed leg in light materials like linen and cotton. Palazzo, gaucho, and paper bag waist pants are all trendy versions of this breezy style.

Palazzo pants generally come in a longer leg, hitting near the ankle. This European sounding style has a skirt-like bottom that flairs to create a wide leg silhouette. Gaucho pants are to palazzo pants as capris are to jeans. The shorter cut, ending near mid-calf, creates what the fashion blog Who What Wear calls a split-skirt look. These pants are great for showing off some statement heels or an intricate pair of sandals.

Paper bag waist pants may not sound like the most comfortable garment, but this high-waisted style is flattering to a broad range of body types. A signature belt allows you to tie the pants as tightly or loosely as you like, giving you room to breathe and enjoy all of your favorite summer treats. These versatile bottoms would be great paired with crop tops, bodysuits, and longer flowy tops tucked in to the waist.

Mainstream Boutique slouchy trousers

Slouchy trousers are more relaxed than those skinny jeans.

Tie dye

If any trend is seeing a revitalization this year, it’s atie-dye. Harper’s Bazaar called the adoption of tie-dye by Prada and Stella McCartney a “tie-dye renaissance.” Bringing back memories of summer camps, this pattern lets you bring a bit of your childhood ease to a modern look. To rock this trend all you really need is your favorite pair of jeans. Less is more when it comes to tie-dye.

Mainstream Boutique tie dye dress

Tie dye is back!

Mainstream Boutique tie dye

Harper's Bazaar declared a "tie-dye renaissance." 

Meg Britton-Mehlisch is a regional reporter covering Scott County for Southwest News Media.


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