Burnsville cop

Missing a snake? A Burnsville police officer found one on the loose Tuesday. 

Burnsville police are looking for the owner of a large snake caught roaming the streets of the city. 

Yes, you read that right. 

"It's not just dogs we find on the loose," a Tuesday morning post on the police department's Twitter page said. "Anyone missing a Python?" 

The department later corrected itself. What was initially believed to be a python, the large snake turned out to be a Colombian Red Tail boa constrictor, the police department posted to its Twitter page. 

"Don’t we have egg on our faces?" the tweet said. "I know this, regardless of what it’s called I wouldn’t be picking it up!" 

To claim the snake, or to offer helpful information, call Burnsville Police Dispatch at 651-322-2323 or animal control at 952-894-DOGS. 

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