Spiritual Reflections

In all aspects of my life, I must ask myself: What really matters, what brings me joy, and what brings me to the fullest expression of who I am?

I think the question is an interesting one, since it was not that long ago that we were just concerned with learning to master the day. But we did it, and if nothing else, we realized we are resourceful and resilient people as we lived, worked and played while social distancing.

However, now the social distancing restrictions have been eased a bit as stores and restaurants have begun to open, giving us hope that there will be an end to this pandemic.

I recently read an article in The New York Times about what historians tell us about how pandemics end. They said pandemics end in one of two ways: Either a medical end is found, meaning a medical intervention halts the spread of the disease, or there is a social end to the pandemic, when people find a way to live with it.

Since the virus still has not hit its peak in Minnesota and we are beginning to slowly reopen without a vaccine, each of us will have to figure out what makes sense for our own safety and well-being.

I know all of us will find the path that works best for us, but what about the long-range changes?

Some predict that more people than ever will work from home. Will that be possible for you?

Perhaps through this time at home you have done some soul-searching and realized you want to change some aspect of yourself or how you live.

Or maybe you have decided that you want to live a life that is more authentic and in alignment with the values and the things you care deeply about.

This time of “stay at home” has given us the space to delve deeper into what we want for our lives and discern what is important. To find what really matters to us, we need to look beyond the usual answers. We need to be willing and able to challenge what we value and believe — to discover if it is based on our truth or someone else’s.

At your center is the place of heart or God that is within you. It is the place where who you are meets the outside world. It is also the place of wisdom where, if you listen, you can begin to discern what matters. Once you discover it, it will act as the center point of the compass pointing the way to a more authentic life.

Sandy Thibault is a life coach, author, speaker and owner of Safari of the Spirit Life Coaching in Savage. She is the author of “Selma’s Spirit — A Journey of Peace and Forgiveness” and her new book, “Change Your Perspective, Change Your Life — 52 Ways To Inspire You to Action.” For more information go to her website, safariofthespirit.com.


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