The classic jock persona may have been left in the 1980s, but the popularity of sports still remains a reality in many communities. From very young ages, sports are often a part of life for many families in the Savage area. Many families, educators and peers encourage students to play sports, and rightfully so.

Throughout my K-12 education in District 191, I participated in multiple sports, including varsity tennis, varsity softball and club softball, as well as in house basketball during offseason. The friendships created with teammates, mentorship provided by coaches and educational experiences provided through my participation were some of the most beneficial to my development as a person.

I was lucky that I always enjoyed playing sports and found fulfillment through these extracurriculars, as did many of my peers. However, I also noticed that many students who had other interests and great talents often got less support from the community to seek out activities that match these interests. As a community, let’s continue to support all extracurricular activities.

The Burnsville-Eagan-Savage School District offers various extracurricular activities; there is something for everyone. It is essential that we, as peers, parents and educators, continue to encourage and promote the wide range of activities that are available in the Savage community.

Parents, if you are feeling discouraged by your student’s lack of interest and participation in sports, I highly encourage you to work with your student to find another extracurricular activity that can give your student the same mentorship, friendships stress relief and life lessons that I was so fortunate to have through sports.

Students, non-athletes and athletes alike, if you are feeling like these activities aren’t as highly encouraged, I am here to encourage you to seek out the many options of activities (including sports) offered in our community. You won’t regret it.

Angela Wollmuth is a student at Hamline University and a Savage resident.


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