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Is there hypocrisy in campaigning as a group? A candidate should have an individual perspective, a crew is working as one.

We need a school board with different view points which represents our community on important matters of discussion. Through discussion and debate comes the best ideas and direction to lead our district. One group of candidates are in the same longtime friend group as sitting board members. This does not project diverse viewpoints to me. Instead, it appears as "group think" and "rubber stampers."

If we continue to load the board with "crews" who campaign together, there will be no new ideas or varied points of view. Could this be what the district administration desires?

To campaign together sends the clear message that you share the same views and will vote the same way on important matters. This tells the community they all stand for, think and believe the same things. They claim they want cohesiveness on the board, but it sounds like “group think” or a clique.

The last four years district-wide reading and math scores have gone down each year and our learning gap has grown. This should be alarming to our community. Important discussions from seven independent thinkers is needed to improve educational success, especially now.

The school board makes many difficult decisions from teacher layoffs, attendance boundary changes and budgets which all require robust discussion to arrive at the best outcome. To have a “cohesive” board that simply thinks alike and votes alike extinguishes creativity for solutions. This is a sure way to ground out individualism among members.

Please consider voting for independent candidates to strengthen our board.

Joe Mannelly