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Hello, neighbors,

I met with my state senator, Dan Hall, yesterday. As we were discussing how climate change affected us, Sen. Hall stated that he didn’t believe in climate change. Bummer. I am always surprised at people who say this because every scientific source you go to these days (NASA, NOAA, the U.S. government’s report on climate change, National Geographic, your weatherman, your kids’ science teacher, the national parks, the state parks, farmers in Minnesota, your doctor etc.) is talking about adapting to and stopping climate change. They are way beyond wondering if climate change exists. We can see it in our own backyards.

How could he have missed the debate being over? How could he have isolated himself from the truth so thoroughly when people are talking about it all the time now and we see so many devastating storms, floods, droughts and fires?

I’m sure the dismay and surprise registered on my face, and I had to ask why he believed this. His answer was that he remembers decades ago that scientists had told of a coming ice age, and because that didn’t happen, he didn’t believe their predictions anymore. Then he said he went to a meeting a few years ago where 300 scientists stated that climate change was a hoax! I couldn’t believe it, but he looked very sincere. When was this meeting? Where was this meeting? Who were the scientists? When I asked who put on the meeting, he seemed a bit flustered and said it was a meeting sponsored by The Heartland Institute.

Oh, my slippery crooks!

“The Koch brothers' Heartland Institute?!” I said. He didn’t answer. The Koch brothers are a family that privately owns Koch Industries. This is the second largest privately owned company in the U.S., and the Koch brothers are worth around $99 billion! How do they make their money? Oil!

The Koch brother’s have spent millions of dollars (They can easily afford it) on spreading lies about climate change because our nation’s addiction to oil makes them stinking rich, and my own state senator had fallen for it.

Please take the time to watch John Oliver's show "Astroturfing" and you'll learn how some greedy companies are creating fake grassroots groups to spread their lies.

Then demand that politicians have a plan to stop climate change!

Paula Thomsen


Editor's note: State Sen. Dan Hall, R-Burnsville, confirmed in an interview that he thinks humans' role in changing climates is small and he is skeptical of climate science in part because researchers' predictions and use of terms such as global warming have changed over time.


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