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An Oct. 24 column on the Savage Pacer opinion page said "we lost our moral compass." Let’s look more closely at what we were told and what we weren’t told.

The column told us if you question scientists you don’t believe in science. But thousands of scientists, doctors and epidemiologists around the world question COVID policies and conclusions. Scientists are known for doubting and questioning. It’s also healthy for the public to question decisions that impact our lives. These scientists do research, have the same degrees, the same prestigious education as media-approved scientists yet they are rarely interviewed or quoted for their opinions in the news.

The column told us groups on the right in this country, much like the Taliban, are trying to impose their religious views on others. The Taliban destroys monuments and statues, burns property and fertile land, takes away their citizens' ability to make a living, attacks them physically for speech they don’t like. This year we’ve seen groups in American behave this way but it wasn’t done by the right. It’s almost as if the group’s politics are their religion, which they try to force on others.

The column didn’t tell us former Senator Harry Reid reduced the number of votes needed to approve judgeships to a simple majority during the Obama administration. President Obama was then able to put through hundreds of judgeships, 329 out of about 400.

The last year of President Obama’s presidency, Senator Schumer urged Republicans to confirm Obama’s Supreme Court candidate, Merrick Garland, when Justice Scalia died, without waiting for a new president. Democrats seated Justices Ginsburg, Breyer, Karan and Sotomayor on the Supreme Court, President Obama the last two. Who’s packing the court?

The column didn’t tell us Democrats gerrymandered in Maryland, West Virginia, New Mexico, Oregon, Illinois and other states, to influence the outcome of recent elections. Even the word sounds shady, gerrymandering. If both parties have been gerrymandering for over 200 years, shouldn’t we condemn both parties?

Even worse, a candidate in the last election advised her party to refuse a peaceful transition of power in this election saying, they should have a “massive legal operation” in place and “should not concede under any circumstances,” if her candidate loses.

Minnesota Attorney General Ellison posing with his copy of the Antifa Handbook encourages hate groups. Senator Hirono and Congressman Nadler encourage hate groups by not denouncing the billions of dollars in damage and arson these group have done to small business’s around the country. Currently there are groups like Boogaloo Bois, who’s members are stockpiling weapons. A leader of one of their cells was arrested in connection with the burning of the 3rd Precinct in Minneapolis.

Finally, don’t automatically believe what I’ve written. If you’re interested in an issue whether on the opinion page or hard news page of a newspaper, check it yourself so you get the whole story.

Maureen Hansen