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In the Oct. 30 article about the Museum of Failure, the Apollo 13 explosion was said to have occurred six minutes after launch. As one who remembers seeing the televised launch on a Saturday afternoon, then watching coverage of the incipient emergency on Monday evening, it was fascinating to learn that according to the article about the Museum of Failure, a time period of two days and eight hours is “about six minutes.”

As I continued reading the article, I learned about how the UroClub company failed after trying to sell a golf club disguised as a urinal. I’m not sure who thought there was a market for something that looked like a urinal, but was really a golf club, but I can’t help but wonder if a urinal disguised as a golf club might have been a better idea.

As a flawed human being myself, I suppose I shouldn’t be so eager to point my finger at the mistakes of others. But I still think I’ll enjoy visiting the Museum of Failure for a couple of hours (which, according to the article, would be about 13 seconds).

I just hope that one of the museum exhibits isn’t a mirror.

Phil Wala