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An Oct. 2 letter by Kurt von Schmidt-Pauli is correct in stating that my Community Voices column about climate change was not a fact-laden scientific analysis. It wasn’t meant to be.  I am not a climate scientist.

I wrote an opinion piece with my observations that weather has gotten frighteningly more extreme. If anyone wanted more specifics I offered several respected scientific sources linking these weather events to climate change. Of the published, peer reviewed, Ph.D. climate scientists, 97% of them link greenhouse gases with extreme weather. 

Years ago, I heard local meteorologist Paul Douglas, a Republican, speak on this subject. He stated he had been skeptical, but in his job, he observed way too many records being broken. His own observations, and talking to other scientists, convinced him, “Climate change is real.” He explained, “You can't point to any one weather extreme and say ‘that's climate change.’ But a warmer, wetter atmosphere loads the dice, increasing the potential for historic spikes in temperature and more frequent and bizarre weather extremes.”

He compared it to Barry Bonds and steroids. No one can say that any particular one of his 762 home runs were because of drug use, but it certainly increased his overall odds of hitting a home run.   

It seems contradictory that Von Schmidt-Pauli doesn’t like my suggestion that we need government actions to fight climate change when he boasts about automobile emissions being drastically reduced since 1970. That accomplishment was the direct result of government regulations. His one cited source for supposed cooling climate temperatures is from a conservative political blog written by... a couple lawyers? Sorry, I’ll stick with the scientists.

Rochelle Eastman