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I was upset to read in the Pacer that COVID-19 is present in McKenna Crossing. This brings the pandemic closer to home for me because I took classes at the Y often with residents of the senior living facility — and will again some day. I do hope that the measures the facility are taking keeps everyone safe. I applaud their efforts.

In contrast to this very serious situation for some of our neighbors, I am disappointed in the lack of action by our Minnesota legislators this session. I see and hear legislators squabbling about opening bars and churches and questioning whether we need to listen to the governor but little or no progress on the needs of the people who elected them.

Where is the concern for the hungry — one in eight Minnesota children? The homeless, whose numbers are growing? Those who can't afford medicines? Where is the concern for meatpacking workers and their families? Many legislators are demonstrating that they do not care for all of us but only for themselves and people like themselves who can afford takeout.

Some in the Minnesota Senate cannot see any good reason to protect our clean water — not enough funding for Minnesota's cities to upgrade their water filtration systems now. Many state senators are choosing to underfund infrastructure (bonding bill), as they have education for decades.

Let's "graduate" these ineffective legislators and replace them with people who care about the people of Minnesota, not just the pharmaceutical companies, corporations and big banks. We all need clean water. We all need road repairs. We all need education. We all need safe ways to travel. I am not just worried for my friends in a senior housing facility, I am worried about all of the residents and staff — even those I have never met. I am worried about all Minnesotans, too.

MaryAnn VandeVusse



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