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I’m involved with a group of women who are keenly interested in a post-Roe v. Wade world, but our interest lies in a different direction than Beth Anderson’s book club (Community Voices, May 22).

We are and have been actively engaged in helping women and babies for many years. Our goals and discussions center on how can we help make abortion unthinkable. Our activities include diaper drives, baby showers and fundraising for women experiencing crisis pregnancies. We sidewalk-counsel, offering women real choices by showing them the resources in our community that help with rent, food and clothing.

We donate to pregnancy crisis centers that offer free pregnancy tests, free STI tests and free ultrasounds. These crisis pregnancy centers also offer free coaching, counseling and parenting education to help women become self-sufficient and empowered to reach parenting and employment goals. We support and advocate for laws that help families with better maternity leave, day care options and health care.

Many women choose abortion because they feel they have no choice. They are feeling pressured by the father, their family, their work or their educational goals. Women should not have to choose between their child and the other facets of their life. Women are strong enough to finish school, continue a career, raise other children, etc.

Since the beginning of time women have had children and dealt with some pretty hard situations. Why do advocates of abortion offer a mother the opportunity of killing their child instead of working on new ways to help families through these difficult times? Let's put our discussions and activities, talents and resources together to work for a world where abortion is unthinkable because women have all the help they need to take care of their babies.

For a great book to read for your next book club, try "Unplanned" by Abby Johnson (also a movie by the same name). Her story details the amazing journey from a pro-choice Planned Parenthood clinic director to a pro-life advocate. She details the many ways to help women and babies that do not include killing babies.

Mary Wee



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