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I recently attended the Savage City Council meeting reviewing the MN MASH proposal for developing the land near the police and fire station.

First of all, I greatly appreciated the citizen residents and their desire to hold the owners of MASH and the city accountable. Like the dome project years ago, there was a tremendous amount of passion on the subject.

As a long term resident of Savage (20-plus years), I used the public forum part of the agenda to support the MN MASH Baseball Club. Their mission of teaching physical and mental wellness and respect to the young men and women they support would be a great addition to our community. We need more businesses that attract families to Savage. My son and daughter have been in the MASH program for years and have benefitted greatly.

MN MASH is a positive organization and they have listened to the city and community and are committed to being an active member of our community. It is important to hold them and the city accountable but let's also welcome them as Savage continues to grow and prosper.

Brett Keirstead