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I am writing a response to the Feb. 13 Prior Lake American article “Snow Problem: Prior Lake Pickleballers Play Despite Winter Weather."

The pickleball organizers are asking for private donations and hosting a blood drive to get more amenities for a pickleball field being built. In a normal situation, this seems reasonable if this is a private community venture for a sporting event, but according to a letter dated Nov. 28, 2020, called “Good Things are Happening in Prior Lake,” the pickleball field that is being built was funded from nearly half a million dollars from state money to build the facility.

State money, regardless of what fund it comes from, is still taxpayer’s money. All funds for local and state governments come from taxpayers. Minnesota is no different than New York or California on this matter. What makes this a problem is when organizers take taxpayers' money for their facility, then beg for money from the local community for more amenities to their complex.

In the article, one of the organizers wanted heated fields or something to that effect. I find it very arrogant and condescending on the part of the organizers. Pickleball is not a prominent sport or game that many people would know of on a daily basis. I do not see this pickleball complex as the same thing as a new football stadium or baseball field for Prior Lake High School where the community as a whole knows and has sons and daughters actively involved in those sports.

I feel the pickleball field funding was an example of entertaining the wants of a wealthy free time few, than the needs of the community as a whole.

Josh Ondich

Prior Lake