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The Savage Rotary Club continues to do good work in the community. Last week they donated over $500 worth of school supplies to students at Hidden Valley Elementary.

According to a school social worker, families in this school zone were more impacted by the pandemic and experienced significant financial hardships. To put it into perspective, 82% of their students qualified for free or reduced lunch. To qualify for free or reduced lunch, a family of four must earn less than $34,040.

The Savage Rotary Club has partnered with the leaders at Hidden Valley to best meet the needs of families and students. Every winter they donate warm gear such as coats, snow pants, hats and mittens to students who otherwise couldn’t afford them.

Although the Savage Rotary Club is smaller than other local rotaries, their impact on the community is significant. They are a “boots on the ground” organization, never hesitating to tackle challenges and serve others.

Nick Atkinson