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After the most recent episodes of mass slaughter in El Paso, Texas, and Dayton, Ohio, it is time, again, to focus on passing gun violence prevention legislation. Any state legislator who does not support gun violence prevention legislation must be voted out of office.

For this region, Dan Hall must go.

On his 2020 re-election website, Hall says: “As a gun owner and hunter, I believe our Second Amendment rights are critical. The right to own firearms is under constant attack by those who want to limit, and in some cases, end gun ownership by individuals. We must continue to protect the right of law abiding citizens and sportsmen to own and carry firearms. I strongly opposed efforts to repeal our concealed carry law.”

I, too, believe in upholding our Constitution and the right to bear arms; the issue is stopping the carnage brought on by use of assault rifles on our own citizens, but Dan Hall opposes banning assault weapons, and any good sportsman doesn’t need an assault rifle to bring down a deer.

Hall has been endorsed by the NRA and has received 93% and 86% favorability ratings from the NRA and an 83% favorability rating from the Minnesota Concealed Carry Reform Now organization. He has been endorsed by the Minnesota Gun Owners PAC.

Despite his claim to preserve and protect families, Hall appears never to have supported background checks, ban of assault weapons, large ammunition magazines or red flag laws.

Dan Hall must go.

Lawrence Sandoval



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