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As members of the City of Savage Race, Equity, Diversity and Inclusion Task Force, the racist and hateful video shared on social media last week saddened us, but it did not surprise us. It was sad to hear the slur repeated as if 150-plus years of progress were being swept away.

This incident reinforces how the stain of racism still very much permeates our society and how much more work we all have ahead of us.

Three years ago, our police chief initiated Community Conversations on Race to bring our police department, city officials, representatives from the schools, community members and local businesses together for ongoing discussions to learn and share experiences on how issues of race play out in our community. The goal was to generate ways for our community to face race-related challenges.

One outcome of those discussions was the creation of the REDI Task Force. REDI stands for race, equity, diversity and inclusion and is made up of a dedicated group of diverse residents determined to do the good work that is needed and necessary to keep moving forward toward, fostering and growing a community dedicated to race equity.

The REDI Task Force meets monthly with a consultant to develop an action plan that includes outcomes and actions that are specific, measurable, attainable, relevant and timely. This action plan and recommendations will be completed and presented to the city council in December 2022 and will help to guide the city’s ongoing race equity work.

Along the way, there will be opportunities for the public to review and add input on the plan. This is not easy work, and it needs to be ongoing work. However, we do not doubt that our community has the heart and the desire to come together to make everyone feel welcome, safe and a part of our vibrant community.

Please join us on this journey by going to cityofsavage.com for updates on this work and opportunities to get involved.


REDI Task Force

City of Savage