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To my congressional representative, Angie Craig:

As a 37-year veteran of the military who took an oath to protect and defend the Constitution of the United States, I think you should focus all your energy on Russians, elections and impeachment. Oh, wait! The Committee on the Judiciary is looking into that. Meanwhile, you and many other Democrats and Republicans are focused on creating a society and an economic engine that works for the people and not a profits-at-all-cost agenda (high cost to the environment, high cost to the middle class, high cost for those that don't fit many politicians vision of what Americans should look like or behave, and a $2 trillion increase in the debt).

While you’ve focused on transportation and infrastructure, agriculture and small business, the House with your votes passed bills like HR1331 (Local Water Protection Act), HR1328 (Access Broadband Act), HR1644 (Save the Internet Act), HR7 (Paycheck Fairness Act), HR1585 (Violence Against Women Act), HR5 (The Equality Act), HR1 (For the People Act), HR1503 (Orange Book Transparency Act), HR2340 (Fight Veteran's Suicide Act), HR2333 (Support for Suicide Prevention Coordinators Act), HR299 (Blue Water Navy Vietnam Veterans Act, and many, many more bipartisan bills.

Those of us in the general public never hear any details about all of this work, nor do we hear any details regarding the Republican-controlled Senate refusing to bring any of these bills to the Senate floor for a vote, a governing bottleneck of historic proportions. The bottleneck preventing progress is not in the House.

I didn’t vote for you to be "my" voter. I voted for you to be our representative and make informed decisions. While you and I will not always agree on every issue, solution or spending decision, I appreciate how you have been working with all sides, listening to constituents and representing all of us in CD2! Thank you.

David Rugg



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