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In the spirit of giving thanks this holiday season, I would like to acknowledge and thank our dedicated group of 94 election judges who gave their time and energy on Nov. 3 to ensure the 2020 General Election went smoothly. A special thank you to city staff that assisted with absentee voting as well. You all did an amazing job.

Election judges serve for many reasons. Some want to get involved in the election process, some want to serve their community and some just simply want to lend a hand. In 2020, the service provided by our election judges was nothing short of heroic! Not only were you faced with the challenges of the COVID-19 pandemic, but we saw a record-breaking turnout with 93% of Savage voters participating and 5,368 voters casting their ballot in person at city hall before Election Day.

I am grateful to have spent the day with such great citizens who care about their community and democracy enough to give their time to help ensure that all residents of Savage could vote. Many of you worked tirelessly 12-15 hours that day, greeting all voters with a smile and words of welcome while ensuring polling places were clean, secure, accessible and efficient. My sincere thanks and congratulations to all of you on a successful 2020 Election.

Editor's note: the author is the Savage City Clerk.

Lisa Shadick