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Thank you to everyone in our community for electing me to serve you as your state representative during this challenging time. I am deeply humbled by your support, and I want to assure you that I am going to work day and night to make sure that your concerns are heard and addressed.

Whether or not you voted for me in this election, I want you to know that I am dedicated to serving you. When we work together, not as Democrats, Republicans, or Independents, but as members of one community, I know that we can accomplish great things. During these uncertain times, my highest commitment is to be your bipartisan voice in the state Legislature so that we can achieve our shared goals. Our community is one that has been built by our compassion toward each other, our commitment to decency, and our faith in our neighbors. Now is the time for us to be united as a community so that we can genuinely rebuild our economy, create good paying jobs, reduce the cost of healthcare, and ensure that every student receives a great education.

From this point forward, your struggles are my struggles, your concerns are my concerns, and your hopes are my hopes. We have a lot of work ahead of us, but I am ready and excited to work for you. I want to be as accessible and responsive to you as possible, and I will be hosting our first town hall next month to hear about the priorities you want me to begin working on when the new Legislature convenes in January. Thank you for this tremendous honor.

I welcome your feedback on all issues, and I invite you to contact me at any time at contactus@jesshansonforhouse.com or 651-271-9344. Please take care, and enjoy the upcoming holidays. I look forward to talking with you soon.

Jess Hanson