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As a social worker, I work with some of the most disadvantaged members of our community. My wife and I are supporting Jess Hanson because she has a degree in social work and she will bring much needed empathy and compassion to our state legislature.

One of our biggest priorities is affordable healthcare. When we first met Jess, we knew that she was going to be someone who won't just make campaign promises, but she will actually deliver on them. We know that this is not the time to elect people who simply want a title.

In all the conversations I've had with Jess, she has conveyed that she is running to be our state representative because she wants to work to help change the status quo that hasn't worked for many of us for far too long. This is why I believe that Jess Hanson is the right candidate to help lead us through recovering from this public health crisis and into a better future.

Dustin Cobb



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