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I am more than happy to endorse Pam Myhra for the Minnesota House race this year. I have known Pam for some time and can attest to her excellent character and her integrity. Those words are cheapened today because politicians from both sides of the aisle have made lying a regular habit. They tell you what you want to hear and then, when in office, vote entirely different. There is a group of people who are seeking to undermine our country and its liberty and way of life that we have been fortunate to have the last 244 years.

Pam believes in that way of life and for opportunity that exists for every American to become part of the success that we've enjoyed. Pam is for law and order, a free market economy that is fair and equitable for all. When you see the differences in candidates, ask yourself, who will better represent the opportunity for you to succeed while enjoying safety and security for yourself and your family?

Lastly, Pam is pro-life. Does it really matter where a politician stands on the economy, taxes, environment, etc., if they don't believe in life? To me, that is foundation from which everything else flows.

John Adams