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When I cast my vote on Nov. 3, I will pick Pam Myhra for State Representative House District 56A (Savage and northwest Burnsville).

I have known Pam for many years and have witnessed Pam and her husband raise their three children to be competent, compassionate young adults. I have worked alongside Pam in church ministries and have appreciated her faithfulness, integrity and hard work. These same qualities were exhibited in her legislative experience 2011-15. Her gracious attitude brought her many compliments and friendships from both democrats and republicans.

One thing that I will always remember is that she personally responded to every inquiry, call, act of kindness or suggestion (that’s a lot of personal, hand written notes!). Pam is capable, informed, focused, willing and humble. I would love to have her as our Minnesota State Representative.

Pick Pam Myhra!

Rindy Koukal