A 39-year-old Burnsville man faces five criminal charges following a large fight at a bar in Savage earlier this month.

Cheath Tek, 39, is charged with second-degree assault with a dangerous weapon, first-degree DWI, fifth-degree criminal sexual conduct, fifth-degree drug possession and fleeing a police officer in Scott County District Court.

If convicted of all charges, Tek faces up to 16 years in prison and $35,000 in fines.

According to the criminal complaint, Savage police responded to a bar shortly after 2 a.m. Sunday, June 2.

The name or address of the bar is not given because the alleged crime involved sexual assault.

The caller told police that the bartender had been sexually assaulted by a drunk man who’d driven away from the scene. Officers set up a perimeter in the area.

A woman told an officer that a man reached across the bar and grabbed her breast. She told officers the touch was unwanted and she swatted his hand away. She said her ex-boyfriend saw the incident, and the two men began throwing punches. Bar staff broke up the fight, but it resumed with more people involved outside.

Police said a second victim called 911 and reported a man was trying to run him over with his car. He said the tires were screeching and the man drove at high speed and jumped curbs trying to hit him. He said he was certain the man who’d been involved in the fight was the driver.

An officer saw Tek in an alleyway, and a foot chase began. Tek ignored the officer’s commands and continued running before eventually surrendering to police. He appeared to be impaired by alcohol and was slurring his speech and unsteady on his feet, investigators said.

He was taken to St. Francis Hospital.

Officers observed paths in the grass where Tek allegedly attempted to run a man over. Officers said they also located cocaine inside Tek’s vehicle.

According to court records, Tek’s previous convictions include obstructing the legal process, disorderly conduct, fifth-degree assault and first-, fourth- and second-degree DWIs.

Christine Schuster is a reporter for the Savage Pacer.


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