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Savage Police are investigating a shooting incident in Savage that left a cat dead and a woman injured inside a home.

A man living at a residence in the 15100 block of Louisiana Avenue called police shortly after midnight Sunday, Nov. 24, and said a woman “had been gunshot in the butt” following a negligent discharge of a firearm, according to charging documents.

A search warrant found 26 firearms inside the home including rifles, shotguns and two loaded pistols in the drawers on the side of the bed.

Jonathan Paul Stacke, 38, was charged in Scott County District Court with felony reckless discharge of a firearm within a municipality and gross misdemeanor reckless storage of loaded firearms where a child can access them.

He faces up to 3 years behind bars and $8,000 in fines if convicted.

Savage Police Detective Sgt. Mike Schiltz said the case remains under investigation.

A statement of probable cause states Stacke was taken into custody outside the residence and his blood alcohol content registered at 0.15.

Officers found a woman laying in the entryway of the home crying. Officers saw “large amounts of blood drops and smears on the walls and floor.”

Paramedics on scene found a bullet entrance wound on the woman’s buttocks. She was transported to the Hennepin County Medical Center.

The woman told police Stacke’s girlfriend and her kids left the house after the incident.

An officer later spoke to Stacke’s girlfriend, who said she left the residence because her children were scared.

“He shot my f***ing cat,” she told police.

She said she had been sleeping in her bed when she heard a pop. She sat up and “saw her cat fall over.” The kids started to scream, she said, and became more panicked when they saw the blood.

She said she wasn’t aware her friend, who was also sleeping in the bed because she wasn’t feeling well, had been shot.

Officers located four firearms leaning against the couch in the living room and a handgun on a table in the master bedroom.

At the police department, Stacke told investigators he and his girlfriend had friends over from games and drinks. He had just gotten back from hunting and was showing some of his guests the guns in the living room.

He had consumed alcohol, he said, but didn’t feel drunk, and he was carrying a pistol in a belt holster.

At the end of the night, people began to leave so he went upstairs to the master bedroom where his girlfriend and her friend were sleeping. Three children were also sleeping in nearby bedrooms.

He said the gun discharged as he took the pistol out of his belt to set it down on a table at the end of the bed.

“He knew that guns don’t just shoot by themselves and that his finger must have been in the trigger guard when he set it down and accidentally pulled the trigger,” the complaint states.

He said one round struck the cat and then the woman. The cat jumped up and sprayed blood everywhere, he said.

The woman said she thought she was hurt. Stacke patted her down and found the bullet hole.

Stacke said the woman told him she didn’t want to call police, but Stacke said her safety was important and he had “f---ed up.” He said he called the police and waited outside.

During a search warrant, officers followed a blood trail into the garage and found a dead cat on top of a bin.


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