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A 29-year-old Savage man faces multiple charges after he allegedly waved a gun during a road rage incident on Sunday. 

Ryan Steven Ische, a resident in the 14000 block of Natchez Avenue, is charged with second-degree assault with a dangerous weapon, terroristic threats, fifth-degree drug possession, carrying a pistol under the influence of alcohol and driving without a valid license in Scott County District Court. 

If convicted of all charges, Ische faces up to 13.5 years behind bars and up to $29,000 in fines. 

According to the complaint, an officer responded to the area of 147th Street West and South Park Drive shortly after 8 p.m. July 14. 

The caller stated he'd been driving his girlfriend and a juvenile relative home from Valley Fair when a vehicle began tailgaiting them. 

The man in the vehicle drove up alongside their car and held up a handgun, the report states. The caller stated they felt threatened, and the juvenile in the car began to cry. 

Another witness in the vehicle told officers Ische had waved the gun back and forth pointing it at the sky but didn't point it at their vehicle. 

After being given license plate information, officers went to Ische's residence. Police said he told them he'd been involved in a road rage incident but denied waving a gun.

He told the police he had a permit to carry but never carries the gun in his car. He then admitted having a loaded handgun in a bag on the front passenger seat when an officer said they'd be searching his vehicle, according to police. Officers found a Glock 9mm handgun with a magazine with 14 rounds inside.

Ische's blood alcohol content registered at 0.07, police said. 

Christine Schuster is a reporter for the Savage Pacer.


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