Morris A. Miller Award

Savage Police Officers Rob Calvin, Todd Weinzierl and Jacqueline Kelch were awarded the Morris A. Miller Health Hero Award at a Savage City Council Meeting on Feb. 3.

Four members of local law enforcement have received the Morris A. Miller Health Hero Award for their actions saving a man’s life in Credit River Township this summer.

Savage Police Officers Rob Calvin, Todd Weinzierl and Jacqueline Kelch and Scott County Deputy Nathan Olson were recognized in front of city and county officials this month.

The award, established in Scott County in 2002, was named in honor of the late Morris A. Miller, who worked many years in emergency medical services in and around the county.

“I had the honor of knowing Morris Miller, and he was an exceptional person,” Savage Mayor Janet Williams told the officers at the Feb. 3 City Council meeting. “This, I believe, is really a great honor, and I’m really proud of each and every one of you.”

On Aug. 25 around 2 a.m., the Scott County Sheriff’s Office dispatched to Credit River Township on a report of a man having difficulty breathing, according to Sheriff Luke Hennen.

Olson, who knew CPR was in progress, requested assistance from the Savage Police Department before he arrived on scene. Calvin, Weinzierl and Kelch responded.

Calvin arrived first and began to set up an AED. Kelch arrived next and took over CPR.

Kelch was relieved by Weinzierl while Calvin applied the AED pads. A shock was delivered by the AED, but the officers did not find a pulse and resumed CPR. Their efforts continued through three more shocks and more CPR. Olson arrived on scene and helped with CPR.

After the fourth shock, an ambulance arrived, and the man was moved onto an automated machine that provides chest compressions. The man regained a pulse approximately 12 minutes after the first officer arrived on-scene.


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