Ninety-year-old Dorothy Carlisle had never shot a BB-gun or gone down a Slip ‘N Slide before trying both during Savage Senior Living at Fen Pointe’s summer camp festivities on Aug. 29.

A tarp, some water and dish soap, a rubber duck pool raft and a bike helmet set the makeshift Slip ‘N Slide into motion in the front lawn.

“That was great,” said Carlisle as the raft came to a halt on the grass.

Shelly Klos, the senior living’s resident services coordinator, said it’s the four-year-old facility’s second summer hosting camp-themed activities.

The Slip ‘N Slide has become a summer favorite, she said, and Thursday marked their second time rolling out the tarp this summer.

Other camp week activities included a barbecue, a fair-style game involving fishing with magnetized fish for prizes and a BB-gun shooting class.

After the Slip ‘N slide, residents planned to make s’mores on the new fire pit.


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