Pam Myhra

Name/age: Pam Myhra, 65.

Address: P.O. Box 3113, Burnsville.

Family: My husband, Chuck, and I have been married for 41-years and raised our three children in Burnsville.

Employment: Self — certified public accountant with an active license.

Education: I am a Burnsville Senior High School graduate; received an Associate of Arts degree from Grace Christian University, Grand Rapids, Mich.; and received a Bachelor of Arts degree in Business Administration from the University of St. Thomas, St Paul.

Hobbies/interests: Gardening, hiking, writing and adventuring to new coffee shops.

Previous experience: Former two-term Minnesota State Representative, 2011-14; former Audit Manager at KPMG, an international public accounting firm.

Contact info: (952) 228-8249 or through my website,

Why do you want to serve in the Legislature? I’m running for the senate to serve you, my Burnsville and Savage neighbors, listen to your concerns, seek to understand and work together to find solutions.

Like you, I am deeply concerned about runaway inflation causing havoc on our family budgets and damaging our financial future. Like you, I am distressed over the dramatic increase in crime in our neighborhoods and cities. And like you, I am worried about our children falling behind in their education. Working together, however, we can choose a better course, focus on solutions to these critical problems and create a better future for all Minnesotans.

What are the top three items in your platform and how would you address them? My primary focus will be lower taxes, safer streets, and better schools. Everyone knows inflation is wreaking havoc on family budgets. We can provide tax relief to help families pay their bills.

I will work with law enforcement and community leaders to improve public safety. I am endorsed by the 10,000+ member Minnesota Police and Peace Officers Association, the largest law enforcement organization in the state. I support holding criminals accountable with mandatory sentences for violent offenders, police recruitment and training, justice for victims and holding judges and prosecutors accountable to keep criminals off the streets.

Also, we need to improve education by focusing on proven academics and empowering parents as partners, not adversaries, in the classroom.

Minnesota is projected to have a budget surplus of as much as $9 billion when the 2023 legislative session convenes. Whatever the amount turns out to be, what ideas do you have for making use of that surplus? I believe a budget surplus should primarily be used for permanent tax relief for Minnesota taxpayers. We need to eliminate the unfair tax on social security income burdening senior citizens, cut income taxes for everyone and provide property tax relief to reduce the rising property tax burden caused by today’s massive inflation rate in housing.

Additionally, we should make targeted investments in public safety, education and transportation. We need safe streets, successful students and good roads. These investments will save money in the long run and will help us prepare for the future.

What would be your main solution on a state level to control the cost of inflation?

At the state level, we can give Minnesota taxpayers permanent tax relief to ease some of the stress on their family budget. Additionally, at the state level, we can contain government spending and reduce waste. Further, to reduce the impact of high inflation, we can reduce the regulatory burden and government mandates which drive up costs in all sectors of our state economy.

Describe your leadership style. My leadership style is to listen and address concerns that block agreement. During my two terms as a Minnesota state representative from 2011 through the end of 2014, I chief-authored four bills unanimously passed in the House and signed into law by then-Gov. Dayton. I have real-life work experience bringing people together to find solutions to significant problems facing Minnesota.

Politics is so divisive these days that it is important we elect leaders who are willing to listen and learn from opposing views. I believe in leading by example because actions speak louder than words.

Why should residents vote for you?

Savage and Burnsville voters should vote for me, Pam Myhra, as their Minnesota state senator because of my proven leadership skills, relevant qualifications, pertinent experience and past record of effective public service. Additionally, I have deep roots in the community, having graduated from Burnsville Senior High School and raised my three children in the district.

As a certified public accountant and former two-term legislator, I have what it takes to bring the needed change we are looking for in the direction of state government.

Please visit my website, to contact me and to learn more about my background, candidacy and endorsements. I would be honored to serve you in the Minnesota senate.

In the past 10 years, have you been convicted of a gross misdemeanor or higher, or been involved in a personal or business bankruptcy or foreclosure?