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Susan Coultrap-McQuin is a resident of Victoria and recently published her book of poetry "What We Bring Home." 

"What We Bring Home" is a book of travel poetry. The poems are inspired by Coultrap-McQuin's travels to many countries including Thailand, Lao…

Andrea Viera, left, and Jen Angell, stopped for a City Square Park selfie with Santa in 2019.

A leucistic white-breasted nuthatch. Leucism can occur in almost any kind of animal, but it seems to be most common in birds.

John Schwedinger, a Chanhassen resident and member of Boy Scout Troop # 3337, recently became an Eagle Scout. Only 3-4% of Boy Scouts become a…

Alvin “Alvie” Peter Unze, age 94, left this world on November 15, 2021 for a better place after a great run on the third rock from the sun.