More than 700 cereal boxes were lined up and knocked over “domino style” at Shakopee Area Catholic School during its second annual cereal domino challenge Friday, March 17.

Students and their families collected cereal box donations from Jan. 30-Feb. 3, during Catholic Schools Week.

Fourth graders handled tallying and organizing the boxes during the collection process, and students in the middle school engineering class designed the domino path traveling through the school building.

Students and staff gathered last Friday afternoon to watch all 700 boxes knock each other over, starting in the gym and continuing on in multiple hallways, even moving up the stairs at one point.

SACS Principal Nikki Giel said while the challenge initially had a target goal of collecting 500 cereal boxes, students and families ended up bringing in more than 700.

“Especially with food prices as high as they are, this is going to make such a big difference to our local agencies, and I love that it’s helping people right in the community,” she said. “I just think it’s important for the kids to see when we make a difference, there’s an impact right here, and it’s as simple as bringing cereal to school.”

Cereal donations were equally distributed between the CAP Agency and Shakopee Community Assistance.