Shakopee High School

Shakopee High School

A student-led petition is asking the Shakopee Public Schools District for “more communication” following a fireworks incident at Shakopee High School.

The district confirmed that three students set off fireworks in a bathroom on the main level at approximately 8:15 a.m. Wednesday, Jan. 11. A district spokesperson said within a minute, a school resource officer and another staff member right outside the bathroom responded to the scene and handled the situation.

A notification was emailed to Shakopee High School staffers, students and families around 40 minutes later informing them of the incident.

The online petition, created by Shakopee High School student Chanta Brewer, reported that approximately four “bangs” were heard by students in the area.

“Some students ran, some students covered, some students froze, and others were watching on in terror not knowing if they would make it to 1st hour alive,” the petition states.

“Given the sound, it was understandably concerning for anyone that may have been in that vicinity,” the district spokesperson said.

The district could not comment on details regarding the three students but said “appropriate action” is taking place.

Brewer wrote that the goal of the petition is to ask for more communication from the district. “We need more knowledge on more issues than just what occurred a couple of days ago… all we are asking for is more communication from adults,” she wrote.

Brewer, who runs the school’s newspaper club, did not return a phone message seeking further comment.

As of Jan. 19, the petition had gathered over 350 signatures.

“My heart skipped a beat when I saw people running,” one comment on the petition said. “There needs to be more awareness so better action can be taken to keep the school’s students and staff safe.”

Regarding the petition, the district said: “We really appreciate our students, their voices and their concern. Our principal’s already had conversations with students that he’s aware of that want to learn more and understand more about that situation, including that individual.”