Families will be able to qualify for an additional $1,400 per high school and college-aged dependent, as well as disabled adult dependents, under the third coronavirus relief package — a provision that was chief authored by Rep. Angie Craig, a Democrat who represents all of Scott County.

Under the former two stimulus packages, qualifying families received $500 per dependent under the CARES Act last spring and $600 per dependent under the relief package passed in December. But the dependents had to be 16 years old or younger.

Craig said she became the leader of getting this provision changed when her college-aged son learned his girlfriend’s family wasn’t going to receive economic assistance for herself or her family because she fell outside of the age restriction.

“I heard from a number of college students in our district,” Craig said. But she said she was told by her own party that, under the former administration, the White House “wasn’t going to go for it.”

“I think the treasury in the previous administration did not want to go back and reinvent how those checks would be distributed,” Craig said.

Craig said this time around, if the definition of dependent was not expanded in the third round of stimulus checks, she was going to have to “seriously consider” whether she could support it.

Craig’s bill was cosponsored by 86 bipartisan members of Congress.

“I think this is going to be a really good surprise for a lot of my constituents,” Craig said.