Shakopee City Finance Director Darin Nelson submitted a letter of resignation to City Administrator Bill Reynolds Aug. 19 after accepting a finance director position with the City of Minnetonka. Nelson has been Shakopee’s finance director for the last three years, and said in his letter of resignation that “returning to Minnetonka has always been a long-term goal,” adding he wasn’t expecting the Minnetonka finance director position to open up for another couple of years.

According to Tuesday’s city council agenda, which recommends council approval of his resignation, Nelson “has been instrumental in solidifying the City of Shakopee’s continued position as one of the lowest taxed communities in the Twin Cities and help to deliver a tax cut to the residents of Shakopee in 2019.”

The agenda also adds Nelson’s creativity with monthly budget reports helped any member of the public understand the city’s general budget status.

In February 2018, Nelson received the 2017 Administrator’s Leadership Award at a city council meeting, where he was applauded by city staff and council members.

Reynolds submitted a comment to the Valley News regarding Nelson’s resignation, which states:

“We continue to be one of the lowest taxed municipalities in the Metro area and delivered a tax cut last year. In addition, we will soon be making a request for a AAA Bond rating. These are all due in large part to Darin’s fiscal management and conservatism. Our tax rate has fallen every year since his work began for the city. During his tenure, he increased transparency and brought the public into the budget process from the beginning. He has set the community up for great fiscal results in the future. It’s not often that finance directors are thanked for their long-term role, but we all owe Darin a debt. He is one of the best.”

Nelson said in the letter his last day will either be Sept. 19 or Sept. 20.

“People make a great organization and Shakopee has great people,” Nelson wrote in his resignation letter. “They are professional, innovative and personable.”


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