Education has always been the No. 1 priority in my life. I made it my goal from a young age to go to college (then Harvard, now Ehwa Woman’s University in Seoul). Though it’s never been a burden, studying is somewhat of a hobby of mine. I enjoy it a lot. In school I like to “go the extra mile” and often add my own creative touch to projects and even just ordinary assignments when I find time.

One of my favorite things to study outside of school subjects are languages. I focus on Korean (I’m half Korean) mainly these days, though I am quite comfortable in speaking Esperanto and can read and write multiple foreign scripts.

I also enjoy reading political and historical texts, specifically on imperialism, wars, politician systems, and political figures.

Most of my achievements are in art. I have won the Keep Christ in Christmas poster contest at the district level for the past three years. I also had two gold and one silver “keys” (a literal small pin in the shape of a key) for the Scholastic Art Awards at a state level. Two of three artworks were featured in a gallery. I was featured in a Fox 9 news segment and multiple articles relating to this. I have also had my artwork appear on a South Korean show, “ASC” on Arirang. I received a signed (by famous people) package from this. I have also done some artwork for “activist” groups and recently placed first in my school age category in an international art contest on Human Rights in Turkey.

I involve myself actively in activism (in the Asian American community, on human rights, on privilege, race etc.) and pride myself on standing up for my community and others.

I also am working on starting a small business, selling my artwork through commissions or prints on my social media accounts. I have a base of at least 800 followers for each platform. I will use these funds to further my education and support activist organizations.

My plans for the future include taking a semester abroad to study in South Korea and immerse myself fully into the language and the study culture (hopefully in 10th grade). I then hope to look into PSEO for 11th and 12th grade. I hope to do undergrad at the University of Minnesota and do graduate school at Ehwa Woman’s University in Seoul, South Korea. I plan to either do a double major: pyschology and political sciences or a major and a minor: psychology and philosophy. As a career I want to be a psychologist, though now I’m looking into politics.

Editor’s note: Since February 1998, the Shakopee Lions Club has recognized Shakopee students for their excellent achievements in leadership, academics, volunteerism, character, citizenship, and extra-curricular activities. Wright is student No. 188 to be recognized by the club. Students are selected on a school-year rotational basis by staff at Shakopee West Middle School, Shakopee East Middle School and Shakopee Area Catholic School.

Taylor Wright is a ninth-grader at Shakopee Area Catholic School.


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