Editor’s note: The following column was written and submitted by the Shakopee Lions Club.

The March 2021 Shakopee Lions Student of the Month is Xenia Birech. Xenia is currently an eighth grade student at Shakopee East Middle School. Her parents are Judith and Peter Birech of Shakopee.

Xenia is student No. 196 to be recognized since this student recognition program began in February 1998. Students are selected by school staff at Shakopee Area Catholic School, Shakopee West Middle School and Shakopee East Middle School during the school year on a rotational basis for their attributes in volunteerism, leadership, citizenship, character, academics and extra-curriculars.

She is always patient, respectful and polite. Xenia completes her schoolwork on time without carrying them forward to the next day. Her favorite school subject is math. She participated on the 2019-20 Shakopee volleyball team and enjoys being a member of AVID. She enjoys reading stories at Westview Church, along with participating in many other church activities.

Congratulations to Xenia.