Mary Romansky

Mary Romansky

Former Shakopee School Board member Mary Romansky has died at the age of 63, according to a funeral home obituary published online Nov. 11.

Romansky, a U.S. Army veteran who died on Veterans Day, served on the school board for 20 years before she retired in 2018. In retirement, Romansky was a driving force behind Shakopee Schools’ Good to Go backpack program, which allows students in need to discreetly take home a backpack full of food before the start of each weekend.

In June 2015, Romansky suffered from a brain bleed, which left her hospitalized all summer and unable to attend school board functions for more than four months. Though she regained full mental function, she didn’t regain full speech or physical abilities.

School board member Reggie Bowerman worked with Romansky for most of his tenure on the board, ever since he was appointed in 2008.

“It was my privilege to serve with Mary,” Bowerman said. “She had a tremendously positive and incredibly long lasting impact on the community as a whole. I learned a lot from her.”

“Mary Romansky was an outstanding person, friend, mentor and school board member. She gave countless hours to our community — especially children,” Board member Matt McKeand, who also spent years on the board with Romansky, said.

In 2018, Romansky was honored at a luncheon by the Minnesota School Board Association for serving on the school board 20 years.

“I want to thank the teachers and the members of the schools, and the people of Shakopee for electing me five times,” Romansky said upon her retirement. “My greatest enjoyment was being part of what happens in the schools.”

According to her obituary posted by McNearney-Schmidt Funeral Home in Shakopee, Romansky is survived by her husband Bob and her children, Chris and Katie.

“We are grateful to Romansky for her years of service, dedication and commitment to our students,” the Shakopee School District said, in part, in a statement. “Our thoughts are with her family during this difficult time.”


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