Shakopee School District

Shakopee students in grades 6 through 12 will return to hybrid learning on Tuesday, Feb. 16, as new county COVID cases per 10,000 residents hover around 19.

The school board approved the return to hybrid learning at its meeting Jan. 25 following recommendations from the pandemic response advisory team, and discussed it again at its business meeting Feb. 8.

Shakopee Superintendent Mike Redmond said the pandemic response advisory team recommends that to maintain the hybrid learning model for secondary students, new cases should remain below 25 per 10,000 residents.

Shakopee’s elementary students in grades K-2 returned to full-time in-person learning on Jan. 25, and students in grades 3-5 returned to in-person learning on Feb. 8.

The return to in-person learning comes when vaccine rollouts are starting to be offered to educators.

When the first round of vaccinations were initially offered up to school staff and child care workers earlier this month, Shakopee only received 18 doses. But more vaccines are on the way, state officials revealed last week.

School staff at public, nonpublic and tribal schools including staff who contract with schools, such as bus drivers, are now eligible to receive the vaccine and will be selected through a random process.

School and child care staff will be instructed to bring a school ID badge, paystub, or provide their child care license number if selected for a vaccine appointment.

Every two weeks, district employees who work where students will be onsite will be able to receive a COVID-19 test.

“It’s good to hear all our students are starting to trickle back into our buildings,” School Board Chair Kristi Peterson said at the Feb. 8 board meeting.

Teacher planning days were scheduled for Feb. 10 and 11, meaning secondary students not enrolled in Shakopee Online did not have school on those days.

Students enrolled in the Shakopee Online program will continue learning online.

Additional reporting by Eric Kraushar,