René Reynolds, left, and Randal Thom chant in support of President Donald Trump before the president’s arrival at a rally in Burnsville in April 2019. “I love our country, I love our president, and we got to stand together,” Thom said.

Through ballots cast statewide, Joe Biden claimed Minnesota’s 10 electoral votes, earning 52% of votes compared to President Donald Trump’s 45%. 

In Scott County, those percentages were flipped, with Trump earning 52% of votes and Biden earning 45%, according to unofficial results provided by the Minnesota Secretary of State’s office.

Scott County has historically voted for conservative presidential candidates.

In 2016, 53.24% of Scott County voters cast ballots for Trump, and 37.99% of voters cast ballots for Democrat candidate Hillary Clinton. In 2012, 56.28% of Scott County voters cast ballots for Republican Mitt Romney, while 41.47% voted for former Democratic President Barack Obama.

Like the majority of the state, Scott County also saw a record voter turnout, with 87,895 voters casting ballots — up from 75,474 in 2016 and 71,965 in 2012.

Here is how each township and city in Scott County voted in the presidential race:


Savage and Shakopee each cast more ballots for Trump in 2016, but leaned left this year in the presidential election.

In 2016, margins in Savage between Trump and his opponent Hillary Clinton just barely leaned in favor of Trump, with 45.35% of voters casting ballots for the current president, and 45.29% of voters casting ballots for Clinton. This year, those numbers tilted heavily towards the Democratic side. 

In 2016, Shakopee voters cast 46% of their ballots in favor of Trump and 44% in favor of Clinton. This year, however, the majority of Shakopee voters opted for Joe Biden. 


Trump: 8,558, 44.21%

Biden: 10,306, 53.25%


Trump: 9,948, 44.39%

Biden: 11,856, 52.91%

Scott County's other cities voted overwhelmingly in favor of Trump: 

Belle Plaine

Trump: 2,472, 61.95%

Biden: 1,403, 35.16%

Elko New Market

Trump: 1,774, 64.16%

Biden: 946, 34.21%


Trump: 2,008, 57.4%

Biden: 1,401, 40.07%

New Prague

Trump: 1,651, 60.52%

Biden: 1,029, 37.72%

Prior Lake

Trump: 8,989, 51.77%

Biden: 7,944, 45.75%


All of Scott County's townships voted in favor of Trump, with Jackson Township running the narrowest margin: 

Belle Plaine

Trump: 446, 71.94%

Biden: 165, 26.61%


Trump: 229, 74.11% 

Biden: 165, 23.62%

Cedar Lake 

Trump: 1,419, 66.93%

Biden: 661, 31.18%

Credit River

Trump: 2,321, 63.89%

Biden: 1,252, 34.46%


Trump: 838, 68.97%

Biden: 343, 28.23%


Trump: 338, 49.93%

Biden: 316, 46.68%


Trump: 554, 64.64%

Biden: 286, 33.37%

New Market

Trump: 1,696, 65.99%

Biden: 828, 32.22%

Sand Creek Township

Trump: 657, 66.90%

Biden: 310, 31.57%

Spring Lake Township

Trump: 1,692, 66.72%

Biden: 800, 31.55%

St. Lawrence Township

Trump: 250, 73.10%

Biden: 87, 25.44%

Editor's note: This story has been updated to reflect voting data from Spring Lake Township. 

Maddie DeBilzan graduated with a journalism degree from Bethel University. She’s interned at Salon Media and the St. Paul Pioneer Press. Outside of work, she sifts through Goodwill clothing racks, listens to Ben Rector's music and goes on long runs.