Ibrahim Mohamed

Address: 8053 Stratford Circle S.

Age: 45

Family: I am a family man and have six kids.

Employment: I am a Licensed school counselor.

Education: I have a master’s degree in education counseling and psychology.

Previous experience that would prove helpful in this position: For the last 16 years I have been working in the education field. I have worked in all K-12 settings.

Contact info for public: msayid99@gmail.com Why are you running for this position?

I am running to serve the community. I want to make sure that all kids have opportunities in Shakopee schools. I have served on other boards like the SDA and YMCA. Serving for the community is not new to me. it is a privilege. In addition to that I want to be sure others have a voice in making educational and administrative decisions. I want to bring the diversity perspective. I want Shakopee to be the best school in the nation.

What are the top three issues you would face during your term?

My top issues are that all students have equitable service to learn and be successful in their academics and go to college to make a good living.

I want Shakopee schools to have financial stability and live within their means and continue great programs.

Have you been charged in the past year, or ever been convicted, of a misdemeanor or higher, or been involved in a personal or business bankruptcy or foreclosure?

I have never been charged or involved in any crimes at all.

About how many Shakopee School Board meetings have you attended?

I have attended numerous board meetings during Rod Thompson and the late Gary Anger, in addition to that I have served on the curriculum advisory board in Shakopee.

Amid the pandemic, the district is following a detailed learning plan that gives students the option to enroll in either a separate online learning program or enter into in-person, hybrid or distance learning, depending on current COVID-19 numbers in the county. With what do you most agree or disagree with in the COVID-19 learning plan for this school year?

As a parent and candidate, I believe the district has done an awesome job; if the plan is implemented accordingly. We are in good shape.

The district has not been operating under a healthy unassigned fund balance since the 2013-2014 school year. The school board recently approved a ballot measure for a $9 million phased-in operating levy to be paid over the next four years to mitigate a $2.5 million budget deficit. How should the school board go about restoring its fund balance to the recommended 8 to 12 percent of the district’s annual spending?

As far as operating levy. I agree with the current board. I fully support the operating levy because if we don’t vote yes as a community things will be ugly. I urge Shakopee Community to stand by for our kids because it is our future leaders.

Racial equity has been a topic of national interest in recent months. How do you feel Shakopee Schools can do better for students of color?

I agree with you it is a big issue. I will work with schools to become an inclusive place. I want to see teachers of colors, admins. I have not seen that yet.

What, if anything, would you like to change in the school district? What, if anything, would you like to continue supporting?

I would like to see an inclusive environment like hiring teachers of color or admin. I would like the equity work to continue so the ELL students and special need students can get more help like after school programs.


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