Allison Hunsley, a junior product design major at the University of Minnesota, doesn’t have names for her murals. But at this rate, she’ll have to start naming her murals soon before she loses track of them.

Hunsley’s fourth mural was finished last week behind Wampach’s in downtown Shakopee, where the dull parking lot meets a colorful wall detailed with flower petals and fresh green stems.

“I love painting in color,” Hunsley said. “And floral is my favorite thing to paint.”

Hunsley said the owners of Wampach’s reached out to her when they saw her artwork on a different mural in Monticello. They asked her to paint a mural on the wall of their garage, which backs up to the Wampach’s parking lot.

Hunsley, who is from St. Michael-Albertville, took five days to paint the mural, with one touch-up day, she said. To create the mural, she made a sketch on a small piece of paper and came to the restaurant at night to project the sketch onto the wall. That night, she traced the projected sketch with spray paint, and the next day, she got to painting.

Hunsley said she aspires to be like the Minneapolis muralist Adam Turman.


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