Canterbury announcer Paul Allen and son co-call a race

As part of a Father’s Day tradition, longtime Canterbury Park announcer Paul Allen and son Derek co-called Race 5 on Sunday.

Thinking his son hadn’t prepared enough before the race, Paul jokingly said they will need a “divine intervention to get through this race call” in a video tweeted by Canterbury Park Monday. What he didn’t know was that Derek had a surprise waiting.

When Paul handed off the microphone to his son, without so much as a peek at the sheet, Derek rattled off the names of each horse perfectly to the crowd before wishing him a happy Father’s Day. After the race, the pair embraced in a hug.

Paul Allen has called races at Canterbury for 25 years, and Derek has worked in some capacity at Canterbury since he was 14 years old; this summer in the food and beverage department, according to Canterbury spokesman Jeff Maday. In the fall, Derek will be moving to Arizona to attend Grand Canyon University, Maday said.


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