Shakopee graduate Noah Saba

Shakopee graduate Noah Saba is going viral after giving a cop snacks to “spread the love.”

Shakopee graduate Noah Saba was driving down the road when he noticed a Ramsey County sheriff’s deputy stopped in a parking lot.

His response? Bring her a grocery bag full of snacks.

“There’s a lot of hate in this world, so I just thought I’d pick her up some snacks, since she’ll have to chill there the whole day,” Saba said in a Facebook Live video Friday. “It’s just about love. You don’t have to be negative all the time, you know what I mean?”

Saba streamed the entire interaction on his Facebook profile as he greeted the deputy, who says she has been working at the sheriff’s department for two years. She expressed her gratitude numerous times before telling him the gesture wasn’t necessary.

“You guys go out of your way to do a lot of stuff for the community,” Saba responded before giving a hug to the deputy. “There’s obviously lots of tension with lots of different people when there doesn’t need to be and there can just be love.”

Saba’s video has since reached over 6,000 views and 32 shares on Facebook.


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