Valleyfair is getting some attention from USA Today in a list of the nation’s top 10 best new amusement park rides.

North Star came in fourth in the list of 10 for its 2017 adrenaline-filled debut. The attraction lifts riders 230 feet off the ground and spins them in two-person chain-link swings that allow their feet to dangle.

Riders reach speeds of up to 40 mph as the swings ascend and descend the tower.

While it’s a great view, the ride is certainly not for the faint of heart. It’s clearly memorable, considering it beat out Disney’s Pandora, the World of Avatar (which came in ninth on the list).

“North Star has been such a great addition to our park,” General Manager Brad Marcy said, “It is a fantastic family ride, and we are glad our guests and season passholders enjoy it as much as we do.”

North Star ranks as the second tallest ride at Valleyfair, next to the 275-foot Power Tower. Its location positions North Star at the front of the park where, living up to its name, it serves as a beacon to guide and greet guests on their journey through the park. North Star is the only ride of this type in the upper Midwest.

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