Greystone Canterbury

Canterbury Park CEO Randy Sampson and Greystone Construction President Kevin O’Brien stand at the site where Greystone will move its current headquarters and build seven mixed-use residential and office buildings at Canterbury Commons, including the new headquarters for Greystone.

Another chunk of land surrounding Canterbury Park will soon be under construction, developers announced June 22.

This time, 13 acres at the corner of Shenandoah Drive and the newly-constructed Schenian Street will turn into a multi-use development with office buildings and proposed hotel, dining and residential buildings.

Greystone Construction entered into a joint venture with Canterbury Park to develop the parcel, according to their announcement, which completes plans for the first phase of Canterbury Commons — a $400 million project approved by the Shakopee City Council last spring to develop 130 acres near Canterbury Park in Shakopee.

Plans for the sprawling developments include a luxury apartment complex, which broke ground last year, along with upscale townhomes, senior housing, hotels, office space, new restaurants, family entertainment venues and more.

Greystone, a construction company based in Shakopee since 1987, will move its current headquarters off Marschall Road to a planned 26,000-square-foot office building, which is expected to break ground this fall.

The acreage surrounding the office building would feature six more buildings constructed by Greystone: three one-story restaurants, a four-story hotel, a 132-unit senior apartment building and a 10,000-square-foot proposed daycare building.

Kevin O’Brien, President of Greystone Construction, said the land was attractive for Greystone’s headquarters because it offers a space where top-quality talent will want to work.

The office building will feature a lookout where employees can watch Canterbury horses train and a public garden with water features. The location will be prime because the surrounding buildings, once completed, will offer additional amenities such as restaurant and retail spaces as well as walking trails.

O’Brien said Greystone houses 30 employees who work in the office off Marschall Road. The new headquarters will have room for 60. He expects to hire more people in the next few years.

Canterbury Park CEO Randy Sampson said after the Greystone office building is completed, the senior housing development is next in line, set to break ground next spring. But the COVID-19 pandemic has made it difficult for Greystone and Canterbury Park to predict when the other buildings will be set for construction.

A $3.5 million land sale across the street from the Greystone parcel gave Canterbury some breathing room as the card casino and racetrack closed for more than a month.

On that property, developer Pulte has plans for a combination of 109 row homes and townhome buildings, with initial site work scheduled to begin later this year. A 56-unit cooperative community will also be built by developer Lifestyle Communities and will feature a four-story building with more than 5,000 square feet of amenity spaces.

“From the very beginning, our vision for Canterbury Commons has been to attract residential, hospitality, commercial, entertainment and retail elements that enhance and strengthen the economy and social experiences in Shakopee and beyond,” Sampson said in a written statement about the new deal with Greystone.

“We’re delighted to partner with a leading Shakopee company and excited to become their neighbor as they bring their employees to Canterbury Commons in a few years.”

Greystone has built more than 100 Shakopee buildings, including the Rahr Malting facility, St. Gertrude’s, Southbridge Crossings and the Joe Schleper baseball stadium.


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