Rod Thompson at sentencing

Former Shakopee Superintendent Rodney Thompson speaks to the judge next to his attorney Peter Wold during his sentencing hearing inside the Scott County Courthouse last year.

Ex-Shakopee Superintendent Rod Thompson was transferred from a federal prison to a work release program on June 30, according to the Minnesota Department of Corrections.

Thompson’s work release is currently supervised by the Federal Bureau of Prison’s Residential Reentry Management field office in Minneapolis. According to the Minnesota Department of Corrections website, the work release program “provides a structured transition period for offenders returning to the community with the intent of better preparing them for a successful, crime-free life.”

In May 2019, Thompson was sentenced to two years in state court on swindling and embezzlement charges and in federal court for corruptly soliciting bribes from contractors.

Thompson’s confinement release is still scheduled for Aug. 24, at which point he’ll have served 16 months — about two-thirds of his sentence — in prison. He’ll be on supervised release until April 24, 2021.

The program is available to offenders who have served at least half their term and are within eight months of their supervised release date. Offenders are required to be fully employed and abstain from substances use while on work release.

According to the DOC website, offenders are “under close supervision” while in work release facilities and are subject to random drug testing. Chemically dependent offenders are required to participate in Alcoholics Anonymous, Narcotics Anonymous or relapse prevention programs.

Offenders pay a portion of their housing costs while in the work release facility and may be afforded limited access to the community if they maintain steady employment and follow program rules.