Rod Thompson at sentencing

Former Shakopee Superintendent Rodney Thompson speaks to the judge next to his attorney Peter Wold during his sentencing hearing inside the Scott County Courthouse last year.

Ex-Shakopee Superintendent Rod Thompson will be released from federal prison on Aug. 24, according to the Federal Bureau of Prisons.

In May 2019, Thompson was sentenced to two years in state court on swindling and embezzlement charges and in federal court for corruptly soliciting bribes from contractors.

Inmates in Minnesota serve two-thirds of their sentences at a physical prison and spend the rest of their sentences on supervised release, Minnesota Department of Corrections spokesman Nicholas Kimball said.

Thompson will have spent 16 months behind bars come Aug. 24, and he’ll be on supervised release until April 24, 2021.

“There’s confinement release and then there’s supervised release,” Kimball said. “So his confinement release date is August 24.”

On Jan. 1, Thompson wrote a letter asking Scott County District Judge Christian Wilton to be moved to a halfway house, saying he wanted to continue the drug and alcohol treatment he received that ended in February.

Wilton did not have any jurisdiction over Thompson’s early release, according to prosecuting attorney Todd Zettler, since he was under the jurisdiction of the Department of Corrections.

Thompson’s attorney, Peter Wold, said he did not have information on whether Thompson will end up in a halfway house after he’s released but said Thompson’s release has nothing to do with the January letter.


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