Capsized boat near Huber Park

Area law enforcement works to remove a capsized boat from the Minnesota River near Huber Park in Shakopee. The area was largely taped off.

Local law enforcement worked to remove a capsized boat from the Minnesota River near the Highway 101 bridge in Shakopee Wednesday morning.

Investigators believe no one was aboard the boat when it capsized and there are no apparent injuries reported from the incident, according to a news release from the city of Shakopee. The fire department is no longer searching the river for potential victims, although first responders are still investigating the scene to determine why the boat was capsized.

The sheriff’s office, along with officers from the Shakopee Police Department, was called to the scene at 8:57 a.m. Wednesday morning after someone four-wheeling nearby noticed the capsized boat and alerted law enforcement, Capt. of Operations for the Scott County Sheriff’s Office Jeff Swedin said.

Swedin said the county diverted two of its sheriff’s boats from a separate Belle Plaine incident, where another unoccupied boat was found in the Minnesota River Sept. 2, to search for a potential victim associated with the capsize.

The boat was found 20-30 yards from the shoreline, largely submerged, with only the nose exposed from the water. First responders worked to remove it from the water Wednesday morning.

Law enforcement hoped to learn who the owner may be once the capsized boat was removed from the water and they were able to view registration information.

“After removing the boat from the water, it appears that numerous holes had been drilled into the bottom and sides of the boat and it may have been intentionally discarded in the river,” a news release from the Scott County Sheriff’s Office said.

The Shakopee Fire Department, Shakopee Police Department and the Scott County Sheriff’s Office responded.


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