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Fraider Diaz-Carbajal, of Shakopee, was sentenced Friday to 40 years in prison for the second-degree murder of his ex-girlfriend, 27-year-old Enedelia Perez Garcia.

Diaz-Carbajal, 35, admitted to stabbing Perez Garcia 11 times on Aug. 12. The two had been dating for three years but broke up a month prior to Perez Garcia’s death, according to court documents.

Scott County District Judge Colleen King sentenced Diaz-Carbajal to the maximum time allowed by law. He could be eligible for supervised release after 26 years if he gets credit for good behavior.

However, U.S. Immigration and Customs Enforcement placed an immigration detainer on Diaz-Carbajal for suspected immigration violations, ICE spokesman Shawn Neudauer said in August, so he will be subject to deportation upon his release from custody. Diaz-Carbajal was deported in 2012, but since then he reentered the country illegally. 

King addressed Diaz-Carbajal directly during the sentencing, calling him a domestic abuser and a coward.

“Your actions were depraved, inhumane and selfish,” she said. “You are a coward and a weak man that preys on women. It’s my hope you are never allowed the freedom to hurt a woman ever again.”

On Aug. 12, Shakopee police were called on a report of a fight involving a knife at Diaz-Carbajal’s townhome, 1279 Taylor St., and found Diaz-Carbajal lying with his head resting on Perez Garcia’s chest.

Diaz-Carbajal’s throat had a 6- to 8-inch-long laceration and there were several stab wounds in his abdomen. He was “taking occasional breaths and moving” and a large, bloody knife was at his side.

Perez Garcia had multiple stab wounds, no pulse and was not breathing, according to court documents.

Diaz-Carbajal’s roommate saw the assault and told police Diaz-Carbajal stabbed Garcia and then cut his own throat. She told police she took her 7-month-old baby and 2-year-old upstairs to give them a bath and about 15 minutes later, she heard Perez Garcia screaming and yelling “drop the knife.” She went into Diaz-Carbajal’s room and saw that he had Perez Garcia pinned up next to the bed and was stabbing her, and then she saw him stab himself, so she grabbed her kids and ran to a neighbor’s home.

Diaz-Carbajal and Perez Garcia didn’t have any children together, but Perez Garcia had a 7-year-old daughter who wrote a letter that was read aloud in court Friday by Shakopee Police Department Victim Services Coordinator Barb Hedstrom.

“I miss you and having fun with you and playing with you,” Hedstrom read from the girl’s letter, which was addressed to her mother. “You are so nice to me and I miss you so much. I want to live with you the rest of my life.”

“I am so happy you got a better life than me because I got a worse life,” the girl wrote. “I’m super sad.”

Perez Garcia’s mom, Theresa Ocompo, addressed the court with the assistance of a Spanish-English interpreter. She said Perez Garcia’s daughter is so depressed her hair is falling out, and some days she has to come home from school early because she can’t stop crying about her mom.

“Fraider … I hope you find no peace. You’ve destroyed our lives of our whole family,” Ocompo told Diaz-Carbajal. “Even though this man receives what he deserves in punishment, my daughter is not coming back.”

Diaz-Carbajal waived his right to address the court. He appeared visibly upset and cried as Ocompo spoke. 

Diaz-Carbajal’s criminal history includes numerous misdemeanor convictions, including three DUIs and one felony domestic assault conviction. State records show he was convicted of DUI in Sibley County in 2004 and Scott County in 2008.

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