Jack Sprat Food Store in 1935

The Jack Sprat Food Store in 1935. The building is on the south side of First Avenue between Holmes and Lewis Streets.

125 Years Ago

From the July 12, 1894 Scott County Argus

The coroner will take part in tomorrow’s ball-game, but it should be remembered that he cannot hold more than one inquest at a time.

100 Years Ago

From the July 11, 1919 Shakopee Tribune

Miss Anna Rademaker and Florence Wampach are the new girls at the Palace confectionary store since Friday.

100 Years Ago

From the July 11, 1919 Scott County Argus

Grant Lundberg, Boy Scout patrol leader, cleaned up the home yard Tuesday and to make a good job of it tried to hire some one to haul the refuse away. Failing in that he borrowed Bach Ring’s horse and cart and started to do the work himself.

He drove to the dumping ground back of Hirscher’s place and backed the horse to the dump but instead of the steed stopping when Grant commanded him to, he kept right on backing and boy, cart and horse went over the edge into the dump, a fall of about 40 feet.

Miraculously, Grant escaped without a scratch and the horse also, so the incident was without serious results, and a wrecking crew rescued both. Grant was unable to jump from the cart before the drop as his feet were entangled in the reins. He was fortunate, indeed, to escape without injury as he might easily have been killed.

75 Years Ago

From the July 6, 1944 Shakopee Argus-Tribune

Mayor Cavanaugh Gets St. Louis Cardinal Letter

A letter to Mayor Cavanaugh, dated July 2, advises that the St. Louis Cardinals are desirous of making a two-day stay-over, or camp at Riverside Park. The dates suggested are July 28 and 29. Of course if they should want to use the playing diamond as a practice field, it is doubted that they would be able to do so on account of its condition. The letter advises that further information is to come from them, but our understanding of their plans is quite indefinite at this writing.

50 Years Ago

From the July 10, 1969 Shakopee Valley News

Police, Recreation To Have New Home

Shakopee’s City Council moved Tuesday night to concur with the Shakopee Utilities Commission on a plan to remodel the Lewis Street Power House to give needed expansion space to Shakopee Police and Recreation Departments.

The plan for the remodeling had been approved at the regular July meeting of the Utilities Commission with the feeling of members being that the remodeled space would be suitable and economically sound for at least the next five years.

Both departments are currently housed in the City Hall building on First Avenue in Shakopee…

25 Years Ago

From the July 7, 1994 Shakopee Valley News

Canterbury stock to be offered

Organizing a grassroots effort for thousands of Minnesotans to buy up pieces of Canterbury Downs is the concept behind the July 1 announcement that 2 million shares of stock in the local horse track will soon be up for sale…

If the offering succeeds, 57.2 percent of the track will be owned by new public investors. The remaining 42.8 percent will be held by existing shareholders, including principal owners Curt Sampson (Randy’s father), from Hector, Minn., and Dale Schenian, Prior Lake…

The owners of the 380-acre racetrack have filed a registration statement with the U.S. Securities and Exchange Commission for the sale of 2 million shares at $4 each. Each share also includes a purchase warrant redeemable later for a half-share…

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