Scott County Fair

Scene from the Scott County Fair in the early 1900s. Scott County Fairgrounds were located at Riverside Park, on the north side of the river, west of Holmes Street.

125 Years Ago

From the Aug. 16, 1894 Scott County Argus

A reading circle has been organized by the teachers of the county. General meetings are to occur each month, while local meetings will be held oftener. The work planned for the winter includes the perusal of “Dr. White’s School Management” and “Folklore.”

100 Years Ago

From the Aug. 15, 1919 Shakopee Tribune

After waiting patiently and submissively through many long years of genteel agitation, the good people of Shakopee are soon to know the contentment of soul and peace of mind that comes with possession of a drinking fountain. The crisis came with the 30th of June. Up to that time it was considered meet and proper that a person who outraged the proprieties by manifesting an appetite for water should at least be willing to walk to the power house to get it. But when the stream of life dried up at the fountain-head of that fatal night, even the most conservative among us recognized that water had potential uses other than for filling bath tubs or for goldfish to swim in; so anticipating the rising clamor the city council has bought a drinking fountain, which will be installed at the corner of Holmes and First streets within the next few days. Good work.

100 Years Ago

From the Aug. 15, 1919 Scott County Argus

The Shakopee Marble and Granite Works has been purchased from Jacob Mahowald by Scherkenbach & Schumacher who are prepared for business immediately and guarantee satisfaction to their patrons.

75 Years Ago

From the Aug. 10, 1944 Shakopee Argus-Tribune

The Young Ladies’ Sodality of St. Mark’s parish will sponsor an ice cream social on Sunday, Aug. 13 in St. Mark’s hall.

Serving will begin at 4 p.m. and continue throughout the evening. The public is cordially invited to attend.

50 Years Ago

From the Aug. 14, 1969 Shakopee Valley News

Shakopee’s Council created a new municipal administrative post Tuesday night and hired a man to fill the position at $12,000 annual salary.

Robert A. Erickson, a native of Robbinsdale and presently serving as assistant city manager of Crystal, a community of 32,000, will begin duties as “city coordinator” in Shakopee on Aug. 18.

As coordinator, he will supervise city employees except fire and police, budget and administer finances and supervise planning efforts.

Duties of city recorder, a post presently filled by Mrs. Marge Henderson, were altered to that of assisting the coordinator in budget, purchase and planning. Mrs. Henderson has been performing administrative duties since Melvin Lebens, former city administrator, was not reappointed by the council at the end of his last term…

25 Years Ago

From the Aug. 11, 1994 Shakopee Valley News

KBLCOM, the parent company of Cable Minnesota, announced last week that its acquisition of Nortel Cable TV and its related properties has been completed.

Paragon has since March received approval from various agencies to complete the purchase.

Under the purchase, Paragon acquired Nortel Cable Associates, Amzak Cable Midwest, and Minnesota Cable Properties. Amzak is the cable company that operated in Shakopee and Chaska. The change of ownership will cause no disruption of service to customers formerly served by the previous owners, officials said.

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